Custom Pieces

Transform your space with decor that not only enhances its beauty but also nurtures your well-being, mirroring the harmonious balance found in nature.


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Rooted in innovation and nurtured by nature, our journey is illuminated by the vision of a sustainable future.
In a world awash with waste, My Glo was born out of a desire to reimagine lighting. Our founder, driven by a passion for design and respect for nature, turned to one of Earth's most remarkable organisms - mycelium.
Mycelium, the foundation of our design, is nature's recycler. It's a symbol of growth and connection, qualities that light up the core of our brand.
Each My Glo lamp is a testament to eco-friendly craftsmanship. We harness mycelium's natural properties to create lighting solutions that leave a positive footprint on the planet.
Our commitment goes beyond lighting. We're on a mission to spark a conversation about sustainability, aiming to shine a light on eco-conscious living and design.
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