Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Sales Policy All sales made through the My Glo website are final. Due to the unique, handcrafted nature of our mycelium products, each piece is one-of-a-kind and made to order.

Damaged Goods If a product arrives damaged, please contact us within 48 hours of delivery with photographic evidence. Upon verification, we will endeavor to replace the damaged item as quickly as possible.

Shipping Policy Products are typically made to order, requiring 10 days for creation. Expected shipping time is between 14-30 days from the order date. We appreciate your patience as we craft your unique item.

Product Variations As each item is handcrafted, slight variations from the images displayed on our website may occur. These variations are a testament to our sustainable, artisanal process and do not constitute defects.

Customer Service For any concerns or questions, please reach out to our customer service team via info@myglo.live. We are committed to your satisfaction and will respond promptly.

Privacy Policy We value your privacy. Personal information collected during the transaction process is secured and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available https://myglo.live/pages/privacy-poilicy

Intellectual Property All designs and products are the intellectual property of My Glo and may not be reproduced or used without express permission.

Jurisdiction These terms and conditions are governed by [insert applicable law] law. Any disputes related to these terms will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of North Carolina

By placing an order with My Glo, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mycelium

To put it simply, mycelium is the root-like structure of mushrooms. There is much more to it you can explore in the interactive video above! Just click play >

How does My.Glo handle growth and dehydration?

Our products stop growing on day 10 of colonization when we dehydrate them. We dehydrate at a specific temperature to ensure the best outcome.

How Can Mycelium Improve Air Quality?

If you've observed cleaner, fresher air since introducing a My Glo mycelium pendant to your space, it's not just in your head. The magic behind this is the incredible properties of mycelium:

  1. Natural Filtration: The dense network of mycelium can act like a passive filter, trapping particles and pollutants, much like how a HEPA filter captures dust, pollen, and other particulates.
  2. Pollutant Absorption: Think of mycelium as nature's activated carbon. Some fungi can absorb and break down certain airborne chemicals, keeping your air less polluted.
  3. Humidity Regulation: Just as plants play a role in regulating indoor humidity, so does mycelium. A balanced humidity reduces mold growth, leading to better air quality.
  4. Microbial Balance: Mycelium introduces a specific microbial community that might positively influence your indoor air ecosystem, akin to having air-purifying plants in your room.

So, while your My Glo light adds a touch of beauty to your decor, it's also hard at work making your indoor environment healthier. It's nature and science, beautifully intertwined.

How durable and long lasting are My Glo products?

While they have an infinite shelf life indoors, direct exposure to outdoor elements for prolonged periods will cause decomposition.

Dried mycelium is strong and solid material similar to a soft wood.

Can My.Glo products be used in moist environments, such as bathrooms?

They can withstand moist environments, but prolonged immersion or direct contact with water will cause them to biodegrade

What drives the innovation behind My.Glo products?

We're inspired by nature's genius. Our goal is to bring sustainable, functional, and aesthetic solutions from nature into everyday living spaces.

How does My.Glo ensure product safety?

Our products are cultivated in a sterile environment and undergo thorough drying and curing before shipment, ensuring their safety for consumers.

Do you have research to support My Glo’s claims

Yes! It all starts with nature but our interest began when we saw the science. Take a look at the cited research we incorporate into our process and findings